#sysadminA1048 - Bleaching the keys

Earlier this week I ordered a few key components for my Apple A1048 keyboard restoration / hack. I needed some Hydrogen Peroxide (9% strength) and a UV light source. So off »

Hacking Apple A1048 Keyboard

Confession - I love early 2000s Apple design asthetics. So when I had the chance to own an A1048 mechanical keyboard...I jumped at the chance. The keyboard itself was »

Wizarding Maths Quiz

I really do love Scratch... It's a nice gentle introduction to coding that does not scare children out of Computing. Each of the blocks can be built into a sequence »

Moto (G)od awful Lollipop update issues

I broke my phone :( I really do love my Motoroal Moto G. This budget smartphone has travelled the UK and become my go to piece of kit for any issues »

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

I've had to keep a secret for a very long time! In January 2015, Russell Barnes of Raspi.today and formerly editor for Linux User contacted me to ask if »