Micro Python

Python is my favourite language and it has been my favourite for around three years. Why? Well because I understand it and I can use it to make different projects. »

Directly Connecting To a Raspberry Pi

At a recent Picademy Bytes CPD session I was asked by Monica "How can I connect my laptop to a Raspberry Pi?" Good question! Monica was keen to take her »

CodeBug - First steps

I love the CodeBug, it is so accessible to children but yet it provides a platform for more advanced hacking. I was lucky to receive my CodeBug in person from »

Staying sane - Your guide to writing multiple Raspberry Pi SD cards

If you are like me then you probably host a lot of Raspberry Pi themed events. You've probably built up quite a stash of kit, including around 20 Raspberry Pi. »

FT232H GPIO Breakout board

Recently I've received many different micro controller boards but one that has rally caught my eye is the Adafruit FT232H. But why? Well it enables any computer to have GPIO »