Geekery and tinkering

I'm a geek I know far too much about Computers, Electronics and Star Trek, don't get me started on Galaxy class starships! So this makes me a geek, which is »

Museum in the making

On August 28 and 29 I was part of the team showcasing the best of Blackpool’s history for an upcoming Blackpool Museum. The event was called “Museum in the »

Using Raspberry Pi in museums

Blackpool has a long history of entertainment with many big names coming to Blackpool during it's "Golden Age". I was recently asked by Blackpool Council to provide a Raspberry Pi »


I’ll let you into a secret. I’ve not always been a programmer, in fact I’ve only been programming for a few years. Ok compose yourself, get a »

Trinket - Hacking Python in the browser

Hacking Python in the browser! At a recent Code Club regional meeting I learnt of a very handy way of writing Python in the browser. is a browser »