Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

I've had to keep a secret for a very long time! In January 2015, Russell Barnes of and formerly editor for Linux User contacted me to ask if »

Shortcrust Pis

I recently received two Short Crust cases for the Raspberry Pi B+ from Pi Supply I wanted to write a short review to look at these cases from a buyers »

Toys Stories

New toys to play with. PiFace Relay + joined with a PiFace Motor Control EXTRA One of the perks of being a tech journo is that you get to play with »

Linx 7 Windows 8 Tablet

It's been just over a week... Since I took ownership of the Linx 7 tablet and in this short amount of time, as well as eating my body weight in »

Minecraft Teleporter using Pibrella

I've written this project up as a direct response to a query from my good friend Tom Sparrow, who will be running a demo of Raspberry Pi, Pibrella and Minecraft »