Raspberry Pi Foundation Q&A

I recently uploaded a video I recorded for Ben Nuttall’s last ever Manchester Raspberry Jam Event.

I was there, along with my AV team consisting of

  • Dan Lynch – PA and mixing desk.
  • Oliver Clark – Backup recording systems & field microphones.
  • Tony Hughes – Photography
  • Me – Video and logistics.

We recorded the audio and video for all of the talks, and the video is available via my Youtube playlist.

One video I am especially proud of is embedded below, and features Eben and Liz Upton along with Clive Beale from the Raspberry Pi Foundation talk about the project and it’s future goals.


One thought on “Raspberry Pi Foundation Q&A”

  1. the thumbnail for the video makes it look like Liz & Clive are Eben’s enforcers & he’s trying to explain the errors of your ways and that you are about to get a beating :)

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