Picademy@Google Leeds - Sneak Peek

Picademy, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's own brand of CPD training is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to learn more about the Raspberry Pi and how it can revolutionise their delivery »


Codebug!!! tl;dr Get out your credit/debit card and back this great project on Kickstarter. It's a great way for children to get their hands dirty with physical computing »

Apple A1048 - Almost there! #sysadminA1048

Last night I finished off installing all of the now bleached keys on the keyboard and I have to say that I am rather happy with the result. Sure the »

Smile - You're on Minecraft Camera

Minecraft Pi is considered to be one of the killer apps that ships with the Raspberry Pi. I do a lot of work for web and print magazines and they »

#sysadminA1048 - Bleaching the keys

Earlier this week I ordered a few key components for my Apple A1048 keyboard restoration / hack. I needed some Hydrogen Peroxide (9% strength) and a UV light source. So off »