Are Barcamps still relevant in 2014?

 I love Barcamps!

I’ve been to many barcamps over the years.

  • Barcamp Blackpool
  • Oggcamp
  • UCubed
  • Open Tech
  • LUG Radio Live
  • Barcamp Liverpool
Feeding time at the Zoo, Barcamp Blackpool 2013

And at every Barcamp that I have been to I’ve learnt something new or met someone with an interesting story or project.

But are they still relevant in 2014? Do we still have the same impact on the attendees? And if Barcamps are no longer relevant, what is the next step in the evolution?

I’d love to know your feelings on this, so please leave a comment below and leave a vote in the form above.

Thanks for your help :)

2 thoughts on “Are Barcamps still relevant in 2014?”

  1. I’m going to be awkward and ask if you are referring specifically to barcamps or unconferences in general? Technically barcamps have a very specific format (48hrs, sleepover, etc.) whilst unconferences are a much looser mix of events. Or am I being a pedant?

    Having just spent two days at BlueLightCamp2014, yes the unconference format is definitely still supported and useful.

    1. Not at all Neil, I tend to lump barcamp and unconference under the same thing!

      It seems as though they are still relevant, but the next question to ask is…”For how long?”

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