About Les

Hi there

My name is Les


I’m a tinkerer and maker based in the North West of England. I work as a freelancer which means I take on a number of interesting and challenging roles. Mainly I work with the Raspberry Pi computer and a number of single board computers and micro controllers such as the Arduino, Codebug and Micro Python powered PyBoard. I build prototype projects for clients and show how simple and cheap hardware can be used to enhance our lives.

I’m a writer


I have been working with Linux Format since 2010. Originally writing the User Groups / Community column but since then I have gone on to produce the Raspberry Pi user section where I review the latest software and hardware for the Raspberry Pi, I write a short tutorial on using the Raspberry Pi to build crazy projects. I also write show reports and features that cover the rise of Maker culture in the UK, the world wide success of the Raspberry Pi and talk to hackers and makers on their projects.


I am the longest serving contributor to Linux Voice where I write their Raspberry Pi tutorials focussing on an educational angle, helping teachers and students to get to grips with the Raspberry Pi, Python, Ruby and Scratch programming.


I occasionally write for the official Raspberry Pi magazine, called The Magpi where I review Raspberry Pi add ons from the many community retailers. I also wrote a feature on retro gaming operating systems for the Raspberry Pi.


I also write for a few blogs for example I write projects for Element 14 where I use Raspberry Pi and Codebug to build robots, Santa Claus traps, Minecraft contraptions and virtual pets.


I occasionally write for Tech Radar, typically this is Raspberry Pi content such as making your own R2D2 using the Raspberry Pi Zero.

I’m a broadcaster, having recorded podcasts covering Ubuntu, Linux and Raspberry Pi. I have also been a guest presenter for Linux Outlaws and Ubuntu UK podcast. I have been a guest on the Pi Podcast, Linux Voice podcast and and Linux Luddites.

But I am not just a writer, I also teach!

alt I work as an external contractor for the Raspberry Pi Foundation's Education team and train teachers over two days at Picademy courses across the UK. I specialise in physical computing and merging arts and crafts with technology. You can see me in this new video, where I am running the first Picademy led by an external contractors on behalf of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Picademy at Google: Leeds from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.

alt I used to work with CPD for Teachers to train teachers across the UK to do more in their ICT lessons, using technology such as the Raspberry Pi and via languages such as Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML and CSS.

Lastly I am a STEM Ambassador for the Lancashire district and I work with schools to further Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths in school via cool hardware hacking projects and games.

If you would like to chat please do drop me an email

lespounder [at] gmail dot com

Or you can find me on Twitter