Build your own micro:bit / codebug / crumble to Snap Circuits adapter

So I have a lot of Snap Circuits / Hot Wires / Other brand kits


The kids at Blackpool Raspberry Jam love these kits, and we often have groups of kids hacking new ideas to life with these easy kits.


CPC Kindly supplied a kit to convert the snap connectors to GPIO pin / breadboard compatible connections but I wanted to make the kits easy to use with micro:bit, codebug and I got the wire strippers, soldering iron and heat shrink out and made my own!

alt I think you can guess what I did :D

alt So I built a simple reed switch circuit. Connected one end to Pin0 of my micro:bit and the other side to GND.


Code for this project

I wrote the code using PXT, the block based editor, which is rather good.

I then flashed the code to the micro:bit, grabbed a magnet, and then made the micro:bit pull funny faces.

Right now this is a proof of concept / hack, but it would be great if a company could make these at an affordable price for schools and makers to use.