A month at full throttle

It has been another busy month in my still young freelancing career. The Raspberry Pi has been my main work horse once again. I even pitted the Pi against the many other development boards on the market. But honestly my go to board is always a Pi.

Here's what I've been up to.



A great project to work on, creating an interactive version of snakes and ladders using a Raspberry Pi B+ and a lot of cheap components. I was also chuffed to be asked by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to include my project on their blog, WOW!

Head over to Element 14 to read more.

Linux Voice Issue 8


I wrote a tutorial on how to create your own animation studio using a Raspberry Pi and Pimoroni's Pibrella board. The project uses Python to quickly create the functionality that you need.


Pibrella is a great board to use with your Raspberry Pi. It enables anyone to quickly build simple projects from traffic lights to robots.


Head over to Linux Voice to grab a copy of this great magazine.

Linux Format Issue 190

alt In my regular Community page I talk about the many different clubs that serve children who are looking to learn coding.

alt I review the Pi2Go Lite robot, great piece of kit and a solid tank of a robot ready for action!

alt Lastly I look at the rival development boards that are keen to take some of the massive Raspberry Pi market. Bit of a mixed bag of boards, some good, some not so. But all capable in their own right.

Head over to Linux Format for a copy of this great magazine.