The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Handbook


Since 2013 I have written a lot of Raspberry Pi content for Future Publishing and sometimes this content is collected into special "bookazines", magazines devoted to one topic that cover 100+ pages.

For Future's latest bookazine they produced 180 pages of Raspberry Pi projects, reviews and features, and quite a lot of the content is mine...which I am rather pleased to see.

So what did I write?


  1. Two page special on the Raspberry Pi 2, which won an award at Future Publishing's awards in 2015.
  2. Raspberry Pi B+
  3. Raspberry Pi Zero
  4. Pipsta Printer
  5. Kano Computer
  6. 4Tronix Agobo 2
  7. Pimoroni Display-O-Tron HAT
  8. Official Raspberry Pi Display
  9. Raspbian Jessie
  10. Pi-Top Laptop


  1. Build a blog
  2. Remote control your Pi
  3. Build a SmartTV
  4. Install Ubuntu (written early 2015)
  5. Build an arcade cabinet
  6. First steps with Robotics using Pibrella
  7. Build a LASER alarm trap
  8. Use bananas to play guitar
  9. Raspberry Pi powered disco
  10. SMS Doorbell
  11. Automatic entry lights
  12. Postie Watch
  13. Home Heating Monitor
  14. Remote CCTV
  15. Automatic Plant Water System
  16. Hack a custom controller for Scratch
  17. Build a simple Python 3 powered robot using the L298N motor controller.
  18. Bring R2D2 to life!
  19. Sense HAT (Astro Pi) Primer, design space aliens!
  20. Sense HAT (Astro Pi) Camera controller

So as you can see, I wrote quite a large portion of the magazine :)

The magazine is available in all good newsagents (I've always wanted to say that, seriously) and branches of Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and WHSmith for £12.99.

You can also pick up a copy from for £12.99 including free shipping.