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Review: Raspberry Pi 2
Feature: Raspberry Pi 2
Linux user groups


Feature: 4tronix Lumino
Linux user groups


Linux user groups


Review: Kano Raspberry Pi kit
Interview: OggCamp 2014
Feature: Raspberry Pi Robotics
Linux user groups

Issue 191

User Groups from around the world.

Issue 190

Feature: Raspberry Pi Alternatives.
Review: Pi2Go Lite, Raspberry Pi powered robotics.

Issue 189

Review: Ciseco Slice of Pi and Slice of Radio. (Arduino)

Issue 188

Review: Raspberry Pi B+
As a lover of all things Pi related, Les Pounder was given early access to the new Model B+ Raspberry Pi. How does it compare with its predecessors?

Issue 187

Review: Raspberry Pi Compute Module
Really serious about your Pi projects? Then this brand new iteration of the diminutive computer could be what you need, says Les Pounder.

Issue 186

Review: Kano OS – Les Pounder tries out a stylish new OS for Raspberry Pi designed to make the device more accessible for new users, especially children.
Review: PIR Alarm GPIO kit – Les Pounder takes the first step in his home defence platform, with this well-thought-out project kit for Raspberry Pi. Step 2: NERF guns.

Issue 185

Feature: Interview: Martin O’Hanlon – We chat to Martin O’Hanlon about using the Raspberry Pi to get kids into coding.
Review: Sonic Pi – Les Pounder now has worrying delusions of a glittering music career, thanks to this nifty programming environment.

Issue 183

Feature: Interview: Freakyclown – We talk to enigmatic hacker freakyclown about the future of online security in a world where every click is under surveillance.
Review: SparkyLinux LXDE – Les Pounder adds some spark to his Linux distro-hopping adventures with this Debian-based release that’s not for novices.
Review: PiBang Linux – A CrunchBang derivative for the Raspberry Pi? Les Pounder fires up the community created distribution to investigate.

Issue 182

Review: Quirky 6.1.1 – We take the quirky side of Puppy Linux out for a walk.
Review: Fritzing 0.8.5b – Les Pounder tries out the popular circuit diagram tool.

Issue 181

Feature: Master the Raspberry Pi – Get the most out of the amazing tiny machine and create your first project.
Coding Academy: Scratch: Build an arcade game – We show you how to get coding with the Scratch programming language. This month: how to create our very own arcade game.
Review: Tails 0.22 – Can you keep your privacy, asks Les Pounder, and yet still enjoy all that the Internet has to offer?

Issue 180

Feature: Beyond the Raspberry Pi – Expand your Pi with our pick of add-ons.
Tutorial: PiFace – How to expand the scope of your Raspberry Pi project.
Coding Academy: Scratch – Les Pounder shows off an easy to use visual language that’s great for beginners. It’s also been helping kids as young as six learn the basics of programming.

Issue 179

Feature: OggCamp – We attend the most popular Linux and open source event in the UK.
Review: OpenBSD 5.4 – Can the evergreen open source version of BSD make it out of the server room and onto our desktops?
Coding Academy: Firefox OS apps – Les Pounder explains how to create your own app for Mozilla’s open source mobile OS.

Issue 178

Feature: PyCon UK 2013 – Les Pounder joined the annual Python gathering in Coventry for four days of community fun
Review: PiGlow – Is Les Pounder dazzled by the latest add-on board from Pimoroni?

Issue 177

Feature: Generation: Code – Les Pounder investigates initiatives that aim to teach the next generation to program
Review: ZTE Open – The first commercial smartphone to run Firefox OS

Issue 176

Book review: the Healthy Programmer and the Raspberry Pi Cookbook – Stay fit and eat Pis
Review: OS4 OpenLinux – It tries to be easy to use, but does it succeed.

Issue 175

Feature: Organise your own event – Plan and execute a local jam, hack day or even a conference.
Review: Raspberry Pi Camera – We check out the first official peripheral for the tiny computer

Issue 174

Feature: Raspberry Jams – We investigate the growing network of Raspberry Pi gatherings that bring together people of all ages


Issue 10

Tutorial: Simple sensors and inputs for the Raspberry Pi.

Issue 9

Review: MoPi mobile power management system for the Raspberry Pi.
Review: Hover gesture control system for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
Tutorial: Write your own Twitter client with Python.

Issue 8

Tutorial: Stop motion animation studio (Raspberry Pi / Python).

Issue 7

Tutorial: Making music with Sonic Pi (Ruby).

Issue 6

Tutorial: Programming a quiz using Python.

Issue 5

Feature: UK Exclusive access to the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
Review: MicroPython microcontroller.
Tutorial: Using the Pibrella board with Scratch and Python.

Issue 4

Feature: Kano OS for the Raspberry Pi, detailing the success of the project and their goals.

Issue 3

Review: Pimoroni Pibrella a board to enable anyone to build using the Raspberry Pi.
Tutorial: Build and emergency radio beacon using the Raspberry Pi.

Issue 1

Column: LUG on tour, talking about Blackpool Makerspace.


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