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Friday Fun - Four Python Projects

We all love a freebie!

For this week's Friday Fun, we have four Python projects from the archives of Linux Format magazine.

But Les, those articles are under copyright...right?

Correct dear reader, Linux Format articles are under copyright, owned by the publisher, Future Publishing. But I have been given special permission to share some projects that I have written in the magazine.

So here we have a handful of projects that you are free to download and use. The content is still under copyright, but for personal use or use in clubs and schools the reader is free to download and use the content as long as no edits are made, and the Linux Format cover page and logos remain.


Linux Format 225: Four Quick Experiments with Pimoroni's Explorer HAT Pro

Raspberry Pi with Explorer HAT Pro
Download Here

Linux Format 224 - Using Analogue Inputs To Control Neopixels

Download Here

Linux Format 222 - Python Digital Assistant

Create your own digital butler with a little Python code and a Raspberry Pi.
Download Here

Linux Format 222 - micro:bit - MicroPython Robotics

Buidl your own robot using a micro:bit and MicroPython.
Download Here