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Friday Fun: Lockdown Projects

Around the world people are staying safe in their homes. Children are being educated, makers are creating equipment to help the health services, and adults are binging Netflix.

As many of you know, I write content for Linux Format magazine. I am now in my 10th year writing for the magazine, and my 5th year collaborating on the Pi User section of the magazine.

Your help makes this blog possible!
Sorry to interrupt! It would be great if you could buy me a cup of coffee / make a donation via Ko-Fi. It helps me to pay for hosting this blog, and to buy stuff to hack from Poundshops / Dollar Stores / Aliexpress which are used in free projects on this blog. Thanks!

About two years ago I asked my editor if I could make a selection of my projects free to download from this blog. He agreed that I can share content from magazines released 12 months previously. And so I have been sharing projects at intervals through the years. Including summer 2019 where I shared another load of free projects!

So can we have some more projects?

Of course!

Here are the rules!

These documents are still under copyright with Future Publishing and the editor has kindly given me permission to share them for personal and educational use.
The issues must remain as they are, and not edited in any manner.

Show me the freebies!!!

Issue Project Download Link
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF241-SSH-VNC-pdf--Custom- Learn how to remotely control your Raspberry Pi with SSH and VNC. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF242-ISBN-Wizard-pdf--Custom- Create a GUI app to scan your books and find out more information. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF243-Minecraft-pdf--Custom- Make your own Minecraft Python 3 library to automate hacks. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF244-Python-Video-Player-pdf--Custom- Play video using Python 3. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF245-Pushover-Security-pdf--Custom- Send messages to mobile devices using Pushover. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF246-Dropbox-pdf--Custom- Store sensor data remotely using Python 3 and Dropbox. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF247-Pygame-Zero-pdf--Custom- Create your own retro video game crack demo using PyGame Zero. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF248-Relay-Control-pdf--Custom- Control higher voltages with relays. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF249-Google-Search-pdf--Custom- Get inspiration for your projects with an automated suggestion tool. Click Here
Screenshot_2020-04-03-PDF-file---LXF250-Information-Radiator-pdf--Custom- Get all the information your family needs, on one big screen! Click Here

Happy Hacking

Stay home, stay safe!

Wash your hands!