Geekup Blackpool

That's Olly, high on lots of sugar!

I started Geekup Blackpool in July 2010 as social event for the local tech community. In those six years the group has talked about many topics for example

  • Android app development
  • The challenges of teaching Python in schools
  • Linux and open source software

More recently we have seen makers and hackers from across the North West..and beyond, take part in the social evening and bring along cool tech to play with.

Can I come along?


Geekup Blackpool is open to anyone, regardless of their interests, skills or knowledge.

We meet

The FOURTH Monday of each month, from 6pm at West Coast Rock Cafe for food. Then we move upstairs to our own private space to talk tech, geeky stuff or fly drones!

Everyone is welcome, but please do let us know that you are coming so we can book a table.

If anyone is unable to manage the stairs to the venue, please contact @biglesp before you come along, and he can arrange the for the lift to be made available.

The official hashtag is #geekupthetower and our Twiiter account is @blackpoolgeekup Keep an eye on the account for the latest news.


Just so you can find us here's a map!