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Friday Fun - Four New Projects!

Another batch of projects for you to use!
These projects are from my Raspberry Pi User section in Linux Format magazine.

Gentle Reminder

Linux Format articles are under copyright, owned by the publisher, Future Publishing. But I have been given special permission to share some projects that I have written in the magazine.

So here we have a handful of projects that you are free to download and use. The content is still under copyright, but for personal use or use in clubs and schools the reader is free to download and use the content as long as no edits are made, and the Linux Format cover page and logos remain.

LXF231 Control the Raspberry Pi GPIO using Node-Red

Long time readers will know that I enjoy hacking in Node-Red and in this project I show you the basics to using it on the Raspbery Pi to control an LED. Because as we know, if we can control an LED we can do anything! Seriously!!

Download the project here

LXF233 Create custom QR codes!

QR codes, those funny looking barcodes that can contain URLs to websites, vcard (business cards) or be used to automatically login to WiFi AP, are great fun to hack with. In this project we make our own custom QR creator which includes images!

Download the project here

LXF234 Raspberry Pi: Amiga Action

The Amiga 500 was the computer that I first fell in love with. I had a C16 and C64 before it, but the Amiga changed my world. In this project we create an Amiga 500 using the Raspberry Pi and relive the halcyon days when 800kb was all the storage that you need for games and work!

Download the project here

LXF235 Raspberry Pi GPIO Expander

Did you know that you can control the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi from another machine? Well in this project we do just that!

Download the project here