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Once More Around the Sun

Time is the most wondrous thing, a moment can feel like a lifetime, and a lifetime can disappear in the blink of an eye. Unless you are traveling on a spaceship at light-speed, then things get a little timey-wimey.

365 Days, 238 Articles

June 1st 2021 marks my first anniversary at Tom's Hardware as Associate Editor. In this short space of time I've covered many Raspberry Pi announcements, written tutorials in multiple languages, introduced basic electronics with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi Pico and written about many add-ons and accessories that take aim directly at your maker funds, sorry.

I wanted to get the first year of my articles in one place, and for that I needed Python, particularly Beautiful Soup, a screen scraping tool that inspects a web page for specific terms.

Here is how I did it!

Beautiful Soup

To install Beautiful Soup, open a terminal / command prompt and use pip3.
pip3 install beautifulsoup4

I started by importing three modules / libraries of Python code. Requests is used to get data from a URL, in this case the pages of data from Tom's Hardware. From the time library I import sleep an optional step used to delay the code. Finally from bs4(Beautiful Soup 4) I import the BeautifulSoup class.

import requests
from time import sleep
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

Next I supply a list of nine URLs for all of the author pages under my name. Note that page 1 is just under the author name.

urls = ['https://www.tomshardware.com/author/les-pounder',

This bit is not essential, but I wanted to add a "hackertag" to the code. So a little ASCII art was added to the project. To create your own head over to here and design away. Then just copy and paste it into a multi-line string like this.

s = """   ________.   .__       .__                               
  / ___ \_ |__ |__| ____ |  |   ____   ___________         
 / / ._\ | __ \|  |/ ___\|  | _/ __ \ /  ___\____ \        
<  \_____| \_\ |  / /_/  |  |_\  ___/ \___ \|  |_> >       
 \_____\ |___  |__\___  /|____/\___  /____  |   __/        
             \/  /_____/           \/     \/|__|           
 ____  _____.___.                        _____             
/_   | \__  |   | ____ _____ _______    / ___ \            
 |   |  /   |   _/ __ \\__  \\_  __ \  / / ._\ \           
 |   |  \____   \  ___/ / __ \|  | \/ <  \_____/           
 |___|  / ______|\___  (____  |__|     \_____\             
        \/           \/     \/                             
___________          /\                                    
\__    _______   ____)/  ______                            
  |    | /  _ \ /     \ /  ___/                            
  |    |(  <_> |  Y Y  \\___ \                             
  |____| \____/|__|_|  /____  >                            
                     \/     \/                             
  ___ ___                  .___                            
 /   |   \_____ _______  __| ___  _  ______ _______  ____  
/    ~    \__  \\_  __ \/ __ |\ \/ \/ \__  \\_  __ _/ __ \ 
\    Y    // __ \|  | \/ /_/ | \     / / __ \|  | \\  ___/ 
 \___|_  /(____  |__|  \____ |  \/\_/ (____  |__|   \___  >
       \/      \/           \/             \/           \/


Next the code waits for five seconds, before creating a variable articles which stores the integer value of zero.

articles = 0

I have a number of URLs to inspect and using a for loop I iterate over each URL, one by one. I get the raw data using requests and then use an HTML5 parser to read the data.

for url in range(len(urls)):
    reqs = requests.get(urls[url])
    soup = BeautifulSoup(reqs.text, features="html5lib")

Inside the for loop, I make another for loop that will look through the data for all of the H3 HTML tags, these are the headlines of my articles. It then strips the data and prints it to the Python shell. I've put an optional sleep in there to slow the print rate. Lastly I then update the articles variable, adding the number of articles found each time the first for loop iterates over a URL.

    for heading in soup.find_all(["h3"]):
        articles +=1

I then add 13 articles to the total as there are some articles from when I first started that are not listed on the author pages, rather they are now in the archive. I then use a neat trick (that I learnt from Adafruit) to print forty = symbols before printing a message to the reader, detailing the number of articles written. I used f strings for this, rather powerful!

articles +=13
print("In 365 days Les has written {} articles for Tom's Hardware".format(articles))

And that dear reader is the code, which is running in the Trinket file above.

Thanks for reading

I'm pleased with all that I have accomplished in what has been a long year for our world, yet short in my career. I've learnt a hell of a lot, and I still am learning thanks to my co-workers.
To all of you reading this, thanks for supporting me over the years via this blog, Twitter and of course on Tom's Hardware.

The Articles

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I had to pull the following manually as there are only 9 pages of that I can pull from.
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