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Trinket - Hacking Python in the browser

Hacking Python in the browser!

At a recent Code Club regional meeting I learnt of a very handy way of writing Python in the browser.

Trinket.io is a browser based Python editor that enables educators to quickly get started with Python. It includes a number of

Just like Python on the desktop you can import modules but you can only use the modules that are provided by Trinket, not a major issue but it restricts using modules such as PyGame.

I like this idea as it enables anyone to quickly write some Python code, even tablet users.

To test I quickly wrote a version of the Harry Potter Sorting Hat and I am able to embed the code in this blog post for you to see and run...really smart!

I like trinket a lot, it reduces some of the issues faced by teachers, namely installation of Python on the network, and it helps pupils work anywhere and save their work in the cloud reducing the chances that their work goes missing.