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Tuesday Tooling: Ninite

Installing apps is boring, use this instead.

We get a new Windows PC and we are excited! That fresh OS install is a blank canvas ready for us to create new projects, watch movies and defend the Earth from evil space aliens. But we have one issue, well actually we have lots of little issues called "Applications" to install. Installing apps is boring, we have to download the apps and then sit as we click buttons to install them. It takes time away from exciting / interesting things.

Automate The Apps!

I stumbled over Ninite thanks to Arturo182, who you will know as the creator of the Serpente CircuitPython boards. In a tweet exchange with my friend Brian Corteil I noticed Arturo recommending this app.

Ninite can install lots of apps, from basic web browsers to full programming IDEs and office suites. Handy!
So I booted up my Windows 10 laptop and gave it a try.


Hi reader!

I never put my blog posts behind paywall or pop ups because quite frankly that is annoying and prevents anyone from accessing the content. I will always keep my blog content free of charge. But I do ask that if you are able and willing, that you buy me a "coffee" as it helps me to pay for hosting this blog, and to buy stuff to hack from Poundshops / Dollar Stores / Aliexpress which are used in free projects and reviews on this blog. It is You dear reader who make this possible, and I am immensely grateful for your support.

So How Do I Use It?


  • Go to the Ninite website.
  • Select the apps that you wish to install.
  • Download the combined EXE file.
  • Run the EXE file.
  • Have a brew and relax.

I installed PuTTY, RealVNC, Opera and Audacity to my machine, and I only had to click on the icon to launch, and then accept the Windows securty message. Everything else was automated!

This Is A Short Blog Post Les!

I know! Ninite just works and if I write any more it will be just padding! Oh and this is by far the quickest Tuesday Tooling blog post I have ever written.

Happy Hacking