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In mid 2017 I was posed a unique challenge

"Would you be interested in creating a Raspberry Pi Zero W based kit?"

Obviously I jumped at the chance and here it is!

Getting You Started with Raspberry Pi Zero W Kit - MLK001


This kit is based around a Raspberry Pi Zero W, pre soldered and ready to go!

I am rather proud of this kit, it is fantastic to see it made real :)

It comes with common components ready for you to build your first circuits, and then take your first steps with Python.


To help you take those first steps I have written guide to setting up your Pi, and given you three projects to create and hack with the included kit.


I worked as a Technical Advisor with the Makerlife team to develop a kit that would offer a gentle introduction to the Raspberry Pi, Python and Electronics. We use the Thonny IDE to teach basic Python, and GPIO Zero to enable anyone to create electronic circuits.

The kits are on sale via CPC in the UK and Micro Center in the US