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Tuesday Tooling - Python Webbrowser

This week a handy Python library that enables us to open a web browser!

So what is it?

Webbrowser is a Pythonic way to open a web browser on any operating system.

Can't I just use subprocess / popen / something else?

Sure you can, but using webbrowser we have a Pythonic way of calling the browser, rather than using Python to call bash / command line to run a command to open a browser there.

For arguments sake, here is how to open the default web browser on my Linux system using subprocess.

import subprocess

and here is the same thing using webbrowser

import webbrowser

Both are two lines of Python, but using subprocess we need to create a list that contains the command xdg-open at index 0 and then the parameters / argument that is the website is passed as a second item in the list. Not as clean and easy as webbrowser which enables us to pass the website as an argument.

So how can I install it?

It is already installed as standard!

So how can I use it?

Lets write something in IDLE3 that will open many websites in separate tabs.
The websites are saved as a list, and then we use a for loop to iterate of the items in the list and use them as the URL that we wish to open.

import webbrowser

websites = ["http://bigl.es","http://news.bbc.co.uk","http://raspberrypi.org"]

for website in websites:


Why should you use it?

This library could be really handy for those that create custom user interfaces for those with special needs. Instead of moving a mouse to open a web page to check the news / weather / bitcoin price, we can simply use webbrowser to open the page when a button is pressed. For example here is a quick demo code that opens BBC news when a button is pressed.

from gpiozero import Button
from signal import pause
import webbrowser

def news():

button = Button(17)

button.when_pressed = news


If your intention is purely evil, then you could also use this library to open a really annoying web page based on the time of day. Obviously I am not going to give you the code for that, if you want to do that then you will have to work it out for yourself! :)

Go and have fun with it!

Give it a try, see what you can do with it!