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In 2017 I had an idea, and I tried to make it real, but I encountered lots of obstacles.

What was my original idea?

I'd like to offer a FREE micro:bit workshop for artists / makers / musicians!

But why?

The micro:bit project has a similar goal to that of the Raspberry Pi, to help people take their first steps with computing, electronics and physical computing. The Raspberry Pi has seen thousands of projects of varying scales, from simple to complex, and in many different mediums.

I would love to see the micro:bit be used in a similar manner, and with that in mind, my idea has grown!

New idea?

I would love to offer a FREE workshop for artists / makers / musicians who are willing to integrate micro:bit into their work and document the process via a blog / YouTube video.

What is the micro:bit?

Essentially the micro:bit is a small computer. Cheap to purchase, easy to learn and with a flexible approach in how it can be used in projects. It can power robots, create music, measure real time data and control remote devices, control LEDs similar to those used in the Illuminations and much more! It has builtin sensors for acceleration, orientation, direction, temperature. But it can also be easily connected to other components that turn the micro:bit into a powerful, yet small, platform for innovation.

Blackpool Libraries have stock of the micro:bit computers and they are lending them out as easily as borrowing a book!

What does I get out of this?

I'm asking for NO MONEY, in fact it will actually cost me money to run the workshop. What I would like to see is the artists work, how they use the micro:bit, what problems they face and how they overcame them. With an end goal of displaying the work in a location in Blackpool later in 2018.

So how do I take this forward

I would love to hear from artists in the Blackpool / Preston area who are willing to spend an afternoon learning about the micro:bit with a view to using and documenting the use of it in their projects.

I have ten micro:bits which artists are free to learn with, and take home with them with an understanding that they will take part in the project honestly and help create a community of artists using the micro:bit

Join us!

If this is you, then please do fill in this form and let me know.

Thanks very much!