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Blinky Lights

LEDs are wonderful things!

The humble LED provides us with illumination, it indicates when a device is on standby and it can teach anyone the basics of controlling a physical device with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Codebug or micro:bit.

LEDs are great and I always need them, so when I learnt of cheap diffused LEDs via Bigclivedotcom on Youtube, seriously have a watch of his videos. He tears apart lots of kit, including Poundland stuff.
So with my inspiration and my business debit card I went to eBay and bought a load.

So right now you are screaming...

"Les stop teasing, where can I buy them?"

So here are the links

"Straw Hat LEDs", they look like little hats

5mm Diffused LEDs

Colour changing LEDs

They're on the boat now, will review in June :)