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Micro Python

Python is my favourite language and it has been my favourite for around three years. Why? Well because I understand it and I can use it to make different projects.
I also enjoy hacking micro controllers so what if there were a micro controller based on Python....well there is and it's called PyBoard and it runs Micro Python.


Created by Damien George as part of a successful Kickstarter , the PyBoard is an ARM7 based micro controller that packs a lot of features into a small board.

Click here for a detailed image. Original image can be found at https://micropython.org/.

To program the board there is a special version of Python 3 for micro controllers, this is Micro Python. The language is rather clean and elegant for example to turn on one of the on board LED we would do this.

import pyb

And if you wanted to flash an LED...go on you know you want to!

led = pyb.LED(2)
while True:

I really do love this project and while it may not be a rival for the Arudino or Raspberry Pi, it has a home in the growing community of makers who love learning about new project platforms.

If you would like to learn more head over to https://micropython.org/ and enjoy reading the detailed tutorials.

Damien was recently interviewed for the Talk Python To Me podcast and you can listen via the player below. Great interview and interesting to hear about the project from Damien.

You can also read my review of the board, which was written for Linux Voice Issue 5.
Linux Voice release their magazines as Creative Commons after 9 months have elapsed.

Click here to read the PDF