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Minecraft Teleporter using Pibrella

I've written this project up as a direct response to a query from my good friend Tom Sparrow, who will be running a demo of Raspberry Pi, Pibrella and Minecraft at his local school in 2015. Best of luck Tom.

It's no secret that I really do love the Pibrella add on board for the Raspberry Pi.
I use it a lot during my CPD training sessions as part of Picademy and CPDforTeachers.
It's price point is remarkable but what it can do is even better.
In 2014 I've built a robot car using Pibrella

And used the Pibrella with Scratch GPIO and Python to develop a series of games for Linux Voice magazine.

So what now?


A few weeks ago at Blackpool Coderdojo, I wrote a quick piece of code that merged Pibrella and Minecraft into one project.

The Minecraft Pibrella Teleporter is now real!

You can grab a copy of the code from my Github repo, which also has full instructions. As usual it is provided under a Creative Commons licence, so please share it and hack it :)

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