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Picademy@Google Leeds - Sneak Peek

Picademy, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's own brand of CPD training is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to learn more about the Raspberry Pi and how it can revolutionise their delivery of Computing in the classroom.
Typically Picademy takes place at Pi Towers in Cambridge, but only very recently Google announced their Digital Garage project and the Raspberry Pi Foundation are working with Google to bring Picademy to cities around the UK.

The first city will be Leeds, and our venue is right next door to the Royal Armouries...literally!


So on April 15th Carrie Anne Philbin and I visited the Leeds venue for a sneak peek at how they were progressing with the build. You're probably thinking

Les, why are you there?

Well dear reader I will be the lead for this centre, yes you read that right. I've been asked by the Foundation to lead their first Picademy@Google centre :) To say that I am chuffed is an understatement. I'ts a great project and I am fully behind it.


We met with Holly, who took us for a guided tour of the facilities, which are still under construction but will be ready for our first Picademy@Google session in May. We'll bring along lots of colourful Raspberry Pi themed decorations for our venue..maybe even a few Babbages.


So what happens?

Picademy is a two day CPD (Continuing Professional Development) opportunity for teachers to get hands on with the Raspberry Pi. We break the days down as follows

Day 1

  • Learn about
  • Robotics and motors
  • ScratchGPIO
  • Minecraft
  • Sonic Pi

Day 2

  • Hack Day!!!
  • Spend the day creating your own Raspberry Pi based project ready for a show and tell at the end of the day.

On both days there is plenty of time for everyone to get hands on creating great projects and learning new skills that can be introduced into class.

Applications are still being taken

Since we announced Picademy@Google Leeds last night we have received lots of great applications, but fear not as we are still taking applications from teachers eager to learn more!


If you would like to apply then please head over to our sign up page.