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Reading an NFC tag with a Linksprite NFC Shield v1.0

When Maplin (RIP) closed down, I got a few bits...enough to fill the back of my dad's car.

One of these bits were some NFC shields for Arduino. At the time as I got so much gear I just thought "Cool I will have a play" but right now I am thinking "I can use these in a project!" and yeah I can!

I have some NFC stickers too, which can store URL, basic contact details etc.

So how did I get this to work?

I opened the Arduino IDE and installed the Adafruit PN532 library by using the Library Manager Sketch >> Include Library >> Manage Libraries

I then opened File >> Examples >> Examples from custom libraries >> Adafruit PN532 >> readMifare example.

I then changed the lines

#define PN532_SCK  (2)
#define PN532_MOSI (3)
#define PN532_SS   (4)
#define PN532_MISO (5)


#define PN532_SCK  (13)
#define PN532_MOSI (11)
#define PN532_SS   (10)
#define PN532_MISO (12)

These values were found on the Linksprite wiki at http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php?title=NFC_PN532_Shield

I then flashed the example to the Arduino, then opened a Serial Monitor to the correct port and speed... et voila!
I can read any of the tags presented to the reader!

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