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Tooling Tuesday - Wago!

I thought we could look at a handy connector that enables us to extend connections, create common connections and keep our connections safe from shorts.

So what are they?

Wago connectors , in particular the 221 type as per the images, are safe, secure connections for electronics and electric work.

Safe connections?

Yeah they clamp on to the inserted wire and they are rated safe for use in UK mains voltage. In fact they are rated for 300 Volts at 20 Amps for the Japanese market, and 450 Volts and 32 Amps for Europe. In the above image you can see two of the poles open and the brass clamps are open ready for a wire to be inserted. Insert the wire and close the clamp, just watch your fingers **OUCH!!!"

How do they work?

Say for example we insert a 5V connection in to one of the poles of the Wago connector. All of the other poles are now live with 5V, so that means we can either extend the 5V wire or we can create multiple 5V connections from the Wago connector.

Quick example

Say I wanted to extend a rain sensor out in a safe place in my garden. I add some speaker wire and six 2 pole Wago 221 connectors and hey presto I can extend the installation. Obviously take steps to ensure that the kit is waterproof as the rain sensor's converter board is actually not waterproof and neither are the Wago connectors.

So where can I buy these?

I buy mine from CPC (no they didn't sponsor this post and neither did Wago) and for the 2 pole Wago 221 it is currently 31p per unit, the 3 pole is 36p and the 5 pole is 61p (all prices include VAT)


Give them a try, they are much better than terminal block as they will not mangle the threads in your wires and they are a lot safer to use with higher voltages as they completely enclose the live wires.