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Tuesday Tooling: Colorzilla

Feeling a little off colour?

So What is Colorzila?

There are times when we need a particular colour. For our Neopixels, websites, presentations and artwork. So how can we get the colour that we need? Well I found Colorzilla quite useful when I needed to get the colours from the Greggs logo.

You Did What?

Yeah I wanted to make an scrolling text sign using a Raspberry Pi Pico and a Pico Display. Above is a test video showing a rough idea, but not the colours of Greggs brand.

How Did You Get The Colours?

I went to the Greggs website and looked for a branding guide. Sadly there wasn't one. So I Googled and found Colorzilla which is an extension for Goolge Chrome.
Loading the extension, we have a number of options. I used the pick color from page option.
This brings up a toolbar that enables us to see the RGB and hex colour values for the colour where our mouse hovers.
If I clicked on the colour, then the hex value of the colour is saved to the clipboard, handy but I wanted the RGB values.
I went to Colorzilla's options and changed the auto copy settings to RGB! Now I can have my Neopixels in any colour that I wish.

Happy Hacking


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