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Tuesday Tooling: Pastebinit

This week's Tuesday Tooling is a terminal application that can save you time and sanity by sending text to a pastebin.

So what is it called?


Where can I find it?

It is on Launchpad

Who made it?

Pastebinit is currently written by Stephane Graber.

What can I do with it?

  • Share non sensitive data over the Internet.
  • Send the output of a command / file to pastebin.

How can I install it?

On my Ubuntu test machine

sudo apt install pastebinit

How can I use it?

I'm in the terminal and I've just ran nmap to search the IP range for connected devices. (Okay I ran it last December on a site survey for a network that doesn't exist any more.)
I've got the information and I want to share it with a colleague.


$ less OSDETECT.txt | pastebinit

Or you can use...

$ pastebinit < OSDETECT.TXT

Which gives us the URL And when we go to the URL!


pastebinit is a really handy tool for sharing non sensitive data.

Thanks to (THE) Ben Nuttall for bringing this tool to my attention (somewhere in the depths of time he mentioned it)

May 8 2019 Update

Ben has finally written a blog post about it!