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Ho Ho Ho Hacky Christmas!

Invent:Advent is an accessible, fun and cost effective hack. Join us in creating new invention using components and stock from pound shops (such as Poundland or Poundworld). The theme for this hack is Christmas, and pound shops have a lot of cool stuff that we can hack!

Can I take part?

Yes!!! this is open to everyone, from all walks of life. No tech/art/engineering skills are needed, just take part and have fun inventing a cool project!

What will you need?

First of all, you must spend up to a maximum of £10 at a pound shop.
As well as your pound shop stash, you can use standard arts & crafts materials such as paper, glue, sticky tape, staples and hot glue. Wrapping paper leftovers, tinsel and glitter are highly recommended.
You’ll probably want some basic tools too, such as a screwdriver set, a soldering iron, some pliers and a hammer. Keep it simple! The point of Invent:Advent is show how awesome and accessible making can be with household items… save your lasercutting for a different project.

Can I work in a team?

Absolutely the more the merrier! But... you still only have a maximum of £10 to spend in the pound shop!

Computers & Tech

Finally, some of the coolest hacks use a microcontroller or single board computer. Feel free to use your Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino, Crumble or Codebug for Invent:Advent.

Don’t have a microcontroller? Don’t worry! You can still make awesome things without one.

How to take part...Share your invention!

Take pictures, record video and share the details on Twitter using the hashtag


When is the competition?

Invent:Advent will run from December 13 to December 20.

Do you win anything?

The grand prize is the eternal glory of taking part. Thank you for joining in our Invent:Advent hack and showing how accessible learning to be creative with technology can be.

Who is taking part?

We have already spoken to a few members of the maker community and they helped to create the project! Thanks!

Rachel Wong (Fashionable wearable tech)

Helen Leigh (Maker, educator, shoddy musician & nerd)

Dr Lucy Rogers (Judges robots and makes awesome things)

Darren Townsend (Maker, hacker and uses his loaf)

Some bloke called Les

###Thomas Stratford

But most importantly YOU!!!