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Tuesday Tooling: The Right Tool For The Job

Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott had a motto "The right tool for the right job!" and I take this to heart. Last Christmas I decided to treat myself and so I bought some Japanese tools.

So What Were You Using Before?

The silver solder sucker was part of a soldering kit from CPC. It did the job but, well it sucked! The snips I got from a radio rally at Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool. The snips have built in wire strippers that are pretty much useless on anything thicker than a mouse's ear hair. The snips were decent but they required a little "pre-tension" to get to work.

So What Are You Using Now?

Solder Sucker

At £18.60 from Pimoroni, the Engineer SS-02 is an expensive solder sucker. Typically suckers can be bought from eBay / CPC for about £5, but they really do suck...at removing solder. The SS-02 is compact, has a silicone tip (and replacements come in the pack) that bends and seals around the solder joint as you heat the joint up. Press the trigger and the joint is clean as a whistle. Why did I wait so long to buy one of these? :D

Side Cutters / Snips

The Engineer NS-04 Micro Nippers are the Rolls Royce of side cutters. Seriously! Again they are £18.60 from Pimoroni but with this snips I get clean and precise cuts when snipping wires and soldered joints.
They cut flush, precise and the cutting action is soft with very little force required. The plastic grips feel comfortable and are non-slip.

Final Thoughts?

Paying a bit more for better tools is a smart thing to do. If you do a lot soldering, making, building then your tools make the job easier and more pleasurable so why not treat yourself?


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