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Smile - You're on Minecraft Camera


Minecraft Pi is considered to be one of the killer apps that ships with the Raspberry Pi.
I do a lot of work for web and print magazines and they always want a nice clean way to get high quality screenshots, and this is where we have an issue.

Typically on Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi's own Debian based distro, you can use scrot to capture the screen to a PNG file. But Minecraft Pi cannot be captured using this method, due to the way that it works. So how can I grab a screenshot? Well off to Google I went and found this great guide from raspberrypi-spy.co.uk
It pointed me to Andrew Duncan's awesome raspi2png tool which can capture Minecraft screenshots with ease.
I love this tool and I wanted to make it a little easier to install, because I will quite regularly be sat at a machine without the ability to screenshot Minecraft...and I am lazy (#sysadminLAZY)


So I wrote a small install script using whiptail, the same menu used for raspi-config.

You can grab a copy from here