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The Chief is dead, long live The Chief

To my crew,


Your hard work and enthusiasm has made Oggcamp 2015 the best Oggcamp ever and I am proud that you are my crew.

It is heartening to see that so many of you have returned year on year to help Oggcamp run so smoothly. I may have been The Chief, but you did all of the work and the Oggcamp organisers and myself would like to thank-you for just being you.

The merchandise stall raises money to help us put on the event, and this year we have raised a considerable amount which will go towards funding Oggcamp in 2016. Many thanks to Team Merch 2015!

The schedule/grid, thanks to the team who kept it up to date, under difficult circumstances.

To the registration team, thanks for being the welcoming smile that eases those new to the community.

To the AV team, thanks for building a media empire from the contents of a car boot.

To the crew who fetched, carried, searched for food, raffle tickets, lost items, thank-you.

Special thanks to Sandra “The Razor”, a nickname that illustrates how quickly she can cut through a problem, who cooked breakfast for 20 crew, organised plasma screens, and put up with a level of radio chatter that would make the Radio 1 Road show sound like a political party broadcast.

Lastly to all of the crew that I have worked with, thank-you for being ready, willing and able to tackle any challenge thrown at you.

You are all truly amazing, thank-you so much.


So now this old Chief is off to retire…or maybe just regenerate into a new body…