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The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Handbook


Since 2013 I have written a lot of Raspberry Pi content for Future Publishing and sometimes this content is collected into special "bookazines", magazines devoted to one topic that cover 100+ pages.

For Future's latest bookazine they produced 180 pages of Raspberry Pi projects, reviews and features, and quite a lot of the content is mine...which I am rather pleased to see.

So what did I write?


  1. Two page special on the Raspberry Pi 2, which won an award at Future Publishing's awards in 2015.
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Pipsta Printer
  • Kano Computer
  • 4Tronix Agobo 2
  • Pimoroni Display-O-Tron HAT
  • Official Raspberry Pi Display
  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Pi-Top Laptop


  1. Build a blog
  • Remote control your Pi
  • Build a SmartTV
  • Install Ubuntu (written early 2015)
  • Build an arcade cabinet
  • First steps with Robotics using Pibrella
  • Build a LASER alarm trap
  • Use bananas to play guitar
  • Raspberry Pi powered disco
  • SMS Doorbell
  • Automatic entry lights
  • Postie Watch
  • Home Heating Monitor
  • Remote CCTV
  • Automatic Plant Water System
  • Hack a custom controller for Scratch
  • Build a simple Python 3 powered robot using the L298N motor controller.
  • Bring R2D2 to life!
  • Sense HAT (Astro Pi) Primer, design space aliens!
  • Sense HAT (Astro Pi) Camera controller

So as you can see, I wrote quite a large portion of the magazine :)

The magazine is available in all good newsagents (I've always wanted to say that, seriously) and branches of Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and WHSmith for £12.99.

You can also pick up a copy from myfavouritemagazines.co.uk for £12.99 including free shipping.