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PiFace Relay + joined with a PiFace Motor Control EXTRA

One of the perks of being a tech journo is that you get to play with some pretty amazing toys.
Just recently I took delivery of two parcels, one from Element 14 for an upcoming blog post tutorial featuring the PiFace Relay +, a four relay add on board for working with voltages up to 20V with 1A current. I used the original PiFace board in 2013 to build a fortune teller for HB Leisure, who run the arcades for Blackpool Tower and Pleasure Beach.

The original PiFace controlling 12V arcade components

I also received an add on board for the PiFace Relay+, in the form of the PiFace Motor Control EXTRA. This looks like a really nice piece of kit that has dual H-Bridge enabling upto 4 DC motors.

Many thanks to Element14 for sending the kit to me

I also received a lovely surprise parcel from Pi Supply

Shortcrust Plus is a new case for the Raspberry Pi B+ that can be adapted to meet your needs. For example if I wanted access to the GPIO, no problem I can pop the lid off without using tools. The cases have a lovely feel to them and I'll write up a proper review for you in the next few days. For now here they are in their boxes.

Shortcrust cases can be bought from http://www.shortcrust.net many thanks to Pi Supply :)