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Shortcrust Pis

I recently received two Short Crust cases for the Raspberry Pi B+ from Pi Supply
I wanted to write a short review to look at these cases from a buyers point of view. So without further ado.


Short Crust Plus for Raspberry Pi B+



The box that contains the Short Crust Plus is rather simple and there in lies it's beauty. On the front we see a simple diagram of the case, flip round to the back and we see a simple two step process to inserting your Model B+ into the case.

In The Box

We see plenty of bubble wrap (aka Tension Sheet from Red Dwarf)
and inside the bubble wrap is two parts, consisting of the case itself and an extension piece to enable use of add on boards inside the case.

The Product


There is a nice feel to the plastic, it is not flimsy or brittle. Rather it is strong yet flexible. Inside of the case you can see lugs which will hold your Pi in place. To insert your Pi inside the case simply locate the openings for the HDMI, audio and power. Then locate the lugs which will hold your Pi. Place your Pi into the case with the ports in their respective holes. Your Pi should fit snug, but to ensure that it is firmly in place, gently press your Pi down using the green PCB rather than the GPIO or components on the board. You will hear a wonderful click which means that your Pi is firmly in place.


As well as the Short Crust case, there is a lovely smoke coloured cover, which again comes in a simple box that has the same clear instructions. Placing the cover on the case is a doddle, as is getting it off, and no you don't need a screwdriver.

Thanks to the smoke cover we can now use the Unicorn HAT from Pimoroni without the need for welding goggles.


Ease Of Use

Value For Money

Features / Performance



A great little case that requires no tools and keeps your Raspberry Pi safe. I really love the simple retaining clip that keeps your Pi safe in the case, and stops any anoyingn "rattles" that are present in cheaper cases. The smoke coloured cover is very handy for board such as Unicorn HAT and the Skywriter HAT

So where can I buy it?

Head over to Pi Supply and grab a case for only £8.99! Bargain!