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Walking in a Winter Pounder Land

I popped into Poundland today and had a look around for stuff to hack.


First up, LED lights!

I chose some Christmas trees and some blue spiral lights. Both take 3V in the form of 2 x AA batteries, but you can snip the battery box off and use the lights with your Raspberry Pi, Codebug, Arduino, micro:bit etc.


I also spotted more of the light up words, just like I hacked in my previous blog post These takes 2 x AAA batteries, so again 3V logic. Inside they are a mess of hot glue (hot snot) and soldered LEDs. Each LED can be replaced if you wish.


Arts and Crafts

I love hacking arts and crafts so when I saw these foam 3D models I simply bought a load ready for the kids at Blackpool Raspberry Jam to hack...and for me to add a few lights to.

Santa's Sleigh, plenty of space to add lights and electronics!

Really nice tree, plenty of hacks possible, maybe even control the lights using Twitter?

Happy Hacking