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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

I've had to keep a secret for a very long time!


In January 2015, Russell Barnes of Raspi.today and formerly editor for Linux User contacted me to ask if I would like to contribute to a new official Raspbery Pi magazine. I jumped at the chance and quickly created a few pieces for Russell

  • Review of the Pimoroni Skywriter
  • Review of the Anonymebox (TOR box)
  • Retro gaming on the Raspberry Pi

I'm really glad to say that all the weeks of secrecy have paid off and Russell has created a really professional and slick looking magazine.

The magazine has taken over the name MagPi and continues the tradition of creating a free quality magazine that offers the reader lots of cool projects, interviews and reviews.

To the original MagPi team I offer my thanks, you all did a superb job producing the magazine for so long with so little time and an army of willing volunteers who gave their time to make the MagPi so good.

You can grab a free copy of the MagPi magazine via this handy link.