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micro:bit Monday - bread:bit

It's been a while! But here we have another micro:bit accessory worthy of your money.

So what is it?

Bread:bit is a micro:bit to breadboard converter. Why is that important? Well in classrooms / workshops / homes around the world we have LEDs, resistors, breadboards, wires, sensors etc. These were bought for use with Raspberry Pi / Arduino etc and using the bread:bit we can easily use them on micro:bit.
The adapter can be purchased with pre-soldered pins (£5.50), or for 50p less you can solder your own!

More GPIO pins?

GPIO pins
Yup! 21 GPIO pins that we can control, a dedicated 3V pin and 2 GND connections! Nice!

So how do I use it?

Blue light on
Insert your micro:bit into the slot of the bread:bit, and then insert the bread:bit into your breadboard. Then start building your circuit.


In this example, written using the micro:bit makecode editor, I've created a simple project that will start by flashing the LED three times to show that the circuit is ready for use.

Simple circuit test
The push button is connected to the 3V pin, and to pin 0. When the button is pushed, it connects the 3V pin to pin 0 and triggers our LED to turn on for 1 second.

Where can I buy one?

You can pick up your board from proto-pic directly, assembled it retails for £5.50, or for £4.99 you can solder your own pins on.