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Robots, Pi & Biscuits

October has been a busy month :D


It started with Oggcamp, all the way down in Oxford. Oggcamp has been around since 2009 and is a great event for hackers and makers to get together and share skills. Since 2011 I have been the Oggcamp Chief, and 2014 was no different with me running around fixing lots of problems.


Blackpool CoderDojo##

Another successful Coder Dojo, with the kids spending the day hacking Poundland toys with our bank of Raspberry Pi.


It's great to see the kids hacking and learning electronics while coding!

Biscuit Security##

Using a few cheap components and a little Python magic I made a simple project for children to build.
Protecting biscuits is a serious business and so we need a serious security system.
The project will be in a future issue of Linux Voice.


For those curious, the code for this project can be found on Github


Linux Format asked me to write a simple tutorial for those interested in learning robotics. It will be in a future magazine.
I used the fantastic Ryanteck MCB board which is so simple to use.


All of the code for this project can be found on Github

Arduino Parking Sensor##

Normally I focus on Raspberry Pi based projects, but I do love tinkering with Arduino!

In my regular Linux Voice education tutorial I wrote about how versatile the Arduino platform is, and how it can be used to build a simple project, such as a parking sensor.


The cost of this project (not including Arduino) was around £10. If you don't have an Arduino, for another £5 you could buy a Shrimp an Arduino compatible that you build yourself.


All of the code for this project is on Github


I was asked by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to help out at their fifth PiCademy CPD training course. I jumped at the chance, seriously this was a big honour for me.
I'll write a proper blog post all about this, as it does warrant a proper write up.


Santa Trap##

Each month I write a blog post for Element 14, and this month is a big one!

Santa Claus, the jolly fat guy who dishes out presents to everyone, has never been caught in the act! This must change!

I built and coded a Santa Trap that uses the Pi Noir camera to take pictures in low light, while playing a tune and flashing some lights.

Head over to my blog post on Element 14 and see if you can build your own Santa Trap.

And November is set to be just as busy :D##