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Summer Holiday Hacks!

From the pages of Linux Format

Summer has arrived, even in the UK! A few times a year I share some old projects to entertain and educate and I thought summer would be a great time to release six new projects for you to try out.

As many of you know, I write content for Linux Format magazine. I am now in my 11th year writing for the magazine, and my 6th year collaborating on the Pi User section of the magazine.

So can we have some more projects?

Here are the rules!

These documents are still under copyright with Future Publishing and the editor has kindly given me permission to share them for personal and educational use.
The issues must remain as they are, and not edited in any manner.

Screenshot-from-2021-07-17-10-51-01 Check train times with APIs, JSON and Python
Screenshot-from-2021-07-17-10-51-30 Display your Raspberry Pi status with Python and an OLED screen
Screenshot-from-2021-07-17-10-52-09 Monitor Twitter's mood with Node-RED
Screenshot-from-2021-07-17-10-52-31 A Pi user's guide to Arduino
Screenshot-from-2021-07-17-10-53-00 Learn Go and read HTTP status codes
Screenshot-from-2021-07-17-10-53-27 Build your first IoT project with a Raspberry Pi and Node-RED

Happy Hacking!